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Windows 10 Has New Ways To Protect Your Data


The development of technology today is so rapid, so that competition among vendors could not be denied. But on the other hand, each vendor has a mainstay of certain products, such as the giant Microsoft is now heavily promoting its new product ie Windows 10.

Not long after the appearance of Windows 8, now Windows 10 was present, and there is one thing that is strange is the absence of windows 9. It is almost the same as that did not give rise office Office 13. It seems no need to discuss why it happens.

At this time each vendors products always offer advantages compared with other products or products before, among others, are some of the advantages that exist in Windows 10 this time. There are many online services that use two-factor authentication to reduce the likelihood of someone hijacking your account after a data breach, but what about the operating system on your PC or phone? You will get the protection that if you are using Windows 10, according to a Microsoft security brief. Optional new OS will treat the device (including something nearby, such as mobile phones) as an authentication factor when entering into a local or internet account and PIN code or biometric readers as the second. If hackers find your login data sitting on the server, they will not be able to use it unless they also have your teeth - and in some cases, they may require artificial fingerprint as well.

Not that Microsoft is just leaning on it to keep your digital stuff. The new platform will store the user's access token in a secure "container" that can not be affected, even if the intruder messing with the Windows kernel code. It will also keep your home and work data separate (like Android or BlackBerry Balance for Work), giving more control to pulp through a virtual private network and allow the company to prevent staff from installing anything but digitally signed applications. This does not mean that you can stop worrying about control of your info as soon as you install Windows 10, but it can reduce the likelihood of full security disaster.

With these advantages, it seems able to make a special attraction for its users later, and it seems like there is nothing wrong if we also take advantage of this great feature. Let's wait for the emergence of this amazing Windows 10 J