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Microsoft Launces Internet Explorer For Developer Channel


Back again by the giant Microsoft gives a new program for the fanatical users. At this time, Microsoft announced that Internet Explorer will now have a release channel Developers can run side-by-side with the production version / GA of Internet Explorer on Windows 7 and Windows 8.x. This feature, which has long existed in the Google Chrome browser and Mozilla's Firefox, is a pleasant surprise for those who use Internet Explorer. Due to several years of Internet Explorer is its decreased enough, after so many outstanding web browsers from a variety of well-known vendors.

This release is a continuation of Microsoft's efforts, and especially the Internet Explorer team has already begun, to be by being proactive in communication about the roadmap and developer-friendly features. This release, unlike the previous developer preview of Microsoft created, not just running side-by-side with the existing version of Internet Explorer, but also includes changes to the UI.

Some of the key updates in this release include reconciliation and some additional interesting features, among which:

Updates F12 developer tools
Experience enhanced debugging with breakpoints event that helps you get your bug-fast event.

Richer analysis capabilities and UI Responsiveness entire memory profiler, which supports further reduction of the multi-dimensional sound through the filter of time, while continuing to enhance the semantic value of the data reported by illuminating performance. Measure ()-based instrumentation and dominator fold.

An enhanced navigation experience that provides more keyboard shortcuts (ctrl + [and ctrl +]), as well as notifications of new headers, which allows you to quickly determine whether a tool running profile page or how many errors you have.

Support for standard Web Driver
IE Developer channel also comes with support for emerging standards Web Driver where Web developers can write tests for automating web browsers to test their sites. It is a remote control that can be programmed to develop complex user scenarios and run them in an automatic mode on websites and browsers. See how you can setup in IE Web Driver Developer Channel, and try a sample Web Driver project.

Gamepad support for standard APIs and improved support WebGL
IE Developer channel is equipped with a standard gamepad support new API that lets you use JavaScript to add gamepad support for your web applications and games.

IE Developer Channel also improves performance and adds support for WebGL instancing extensions, 16-bit textures, GLSL built-in variables, and triangle fans. This release improves our Khronos WebGL 1.0.2 Conformance Test scores from 89% to 94%.

The team promises frequent updates to the Developer Channel and we'll see how often it is. Given the speed and rhythm in a variety of other groups at Microsoft, it could be anywhere from two weeks (Xbox Music) for one month (Xbox One, Power BI) or three to four months (Windows, Windows Phone). Whatever it is, the developer is far better than anything else Internet Explorer has been done in the past.

Of the many reforms undertaken for the Microsoft Internet Explorer this time, is expected to make IE able to compete again with other web browsers.

Oppo R3 Smartphone Tertipis di Dunia


Persaingan antar vendor telepon genggam memang sudah tidak bisa dihindari lagi. Karena hampir setiap vendor selalu meluncurkan produk terbaru mereka menjadi yang terbaik, dan ingin selalu berbeda dari yang lain.

Kali ini muncul dari salah satu vendor yang sedang naik daun di kawasan Asia yaitu Oppo. Setelah beberapa saat lalu meluncurkan dua smartphone terbaru mereka yaitu Mini N1 dan juga Find 7 Mini, kali ini Oppo meluncurkan Android terbaru yang mereka beri nama Oppo R3. Apa yang berbeda dari Oppo R3..?? mari kita simak..

Oppo R3 dengan dimensi 142,3 x 70,4 x 6,3 mm dianggap sebagai ponsel tertipis miliki Oppo yang pernah dibuat. Bahkan ponsel tersebut menjadi smartphone LTE tertipis di dunia. Oppo R3 sendiri bukanlah sebuah perangkat high-end tetapi beberapa fiturnya cukup menjanjikan, karena ada beberapa spesifikasi yang cukup baik yaitu layar 5 inci 720p, kamera belakang sebesar 8 MP dan kamera depan dengan 5 MP, prosessor Snapdragon 400 quad-core 1,6GHz, RAM 1 GB, dan juga memori internal 8GB yang bisa diupgrade.

Tidak lupa ponsel ini menggunakan system operasi Android Jelly Bean selain itu smartphone dengan berat 140 gram ini memiliki baterai sebesar 2.420 mAh baterai. Cukup menarik bukan..dengan spesifikasi tersebut, memang bukan terlihat sebagai smartphone tingkat tinggi. Namun cukuplah untuk anda para penggemar smartphone slim.

Mengenai peluncuran ke public, sepertinya Oppo akan mulai menjual R3 pada minggu ini di China dengan harga 368 USD. Belum diketahui apakah smartphone ini akan diluncurkan secara internasional kita tunggu saja perkembangannya, dan semoga saja sampai ke Indonesia J

20 Ponsel Dengan Radiasi Rendah


Perkembangan teknologi saat ini memang begitu pesat, namun seiring dengan hal tersebut tidak bisa dipungkiri juga ada beberapa efek negative yang ditimbulkan. Karena setiap hal, selain sisi positive yang begitu pesat perkembangannya, terkadang sisi negativenya pun ikut berkembang. Nah salah satu sisi negative yang timbul akibat begitu banyaknya perangkat teknologi, salah satunya yaitu handphone.

Handphone memang salah satu alat komunikasi yang begitu dekat dengan diri kita, karena pemakainnya pun langsung bersentukah dengan tubuh, sehingga radiasi yang ditimbulkannya pun langsung bisa menyentuh tubuh kita. Dari beberapa riset yang dilakukan, berikut saya lampirkan daftar 20 ponsel dengan tingkat radiasi rendah (daftar di mulai dari paling rendah ke paling tinggi)

  1. VeryKool RS90
  2. Samung Galaxy Note
  3. ZTE Nubia 5
  4. Samsung Galaxy Note 2
  5. Samsung Galaxy Mega
  6. Kyocera DuraXT
  7. Pantech Discover
  8. Samsung Galaxy Beam
  9. Samsung Galaxy Stratosphere II
  10. Pantech Swift
  11. Jitterbug Plus – silver (GreatCall)
  12. Samsung Galaxy Appeal
  13. LG Exalt
  14. HTC One V
  15. Nokia Lumia 1320
  16. LG Optimus Vu
  17. Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G
  18. Samsung Rugby 3
  19. HTC One Max
  20. LG G2

Itulah daftar  20 ponsel dengan tingkat radiasi terendah dan apakah ponsel anda termasuk didalamnya?  Namun apapun jenis ponsel anda tetap saja ada radiasi yang ditimbulkan, dan untuk menguranginya tergantung dari si pemakai hanphone tersebut. Semoga informasi berikut dapat bermanfaat J

Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini


After a few moments ago, Samsung has officially launched its new flagship Galaxy S5, and this time, Samsung launched the new variant of the Galaxy S5, the S5 Active Galaxy, Prime, and Samsung seems to be working hard again to launch a series of Samsung Galaxy Mini S5.

Because there is now little glimpse of the Samsung Galaxy Mini S5 in the form of pictures and little specs of the next Samsung flagship Smartphone. If the view of the existing design seems Samsung Galaxy Mini S5 does not have significant differences from the Samsung Galaxy S5. It could even be said to be very exactly once with the Galaxy S5, which is only in its shape more mini course.

Features on the Samsung Galaxy Mini S5 will also be the same as the Galaxy S5. Where there will be features of a fingerprint scanner and a heart rate monitor also features waterproof and anti-dust. While the specifications, the Samsung Galaxy Mini S5 mention the Smartphone will be equipped with 4.5-inch Super AMOLED display with HD 720p resolution. And processors to be used are a quad-core 1.4 GHz Exynos 3470 Quad 3 and juxtaposed with 1.5 GB of RAM. The operating system that will be embedded into the mobile phone is powered by Kit Kat 4.4 and 8MP camera equipped with LED flash.

In terms of quality was no doubt back, besides the Samsung Galaxy Mini S5 will also have the ability to record video with Full HD 1080p resolution. As for the existing storage capacity of a 16GB internal memory and a microSD card slot plus. With such a large enough capacity, presumably can be said as one of the best smart phones today.