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About Audi S6


Hallo car lovers, whether you already know that Audi has released its new product namely sedan audi s6. One of the famous car manufacturer from Germany, has released its flagship product that is being returned with performance high enough that the Audi S6.

Audi S6 is not sold in all countries, but the sedan this one is no doubt return high performance, due to the characteristic of having good for 4 wheel drive. So it supports the speed in all fields.

Audi does have characteristics in each product, ie almost every style audi products are not much different. As with the Audi S6 this time not so much as before. There are only a few additional design further enhance its appearance is a new bumper is equipped with a more aggressive ventilation, as well as LED lights are sharper.

To the rear there are lights that are more typical of the Audi S6 is. Of the many changes that exist in the Audi S6 is reasonably believed to attract car market this year. For you lovers saloon car would not hurt to try the performance of the Audi S6 is.

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Thursday, April 9, 2015


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